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Commit Yourself - Positive Affirmations for Personal Growth
Commit Yourself written by Ron Coxsom is a book packed with 365 Positive affirmations for personal growth and daily motivations.  Sages, gurus and peak performers attribute their accomplishments to positive thinking, constructive applications and the ability to overcome adversity.  Now you can find all the success you desire for your personal growth in one book.  Commit yourself was written was those that choose to contribute to their dreams and aspirations, instead of complaining - Choose the audio cd, daily planner or order a copy for your desk, either way you will have the real secrets for daily motivation.
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Ron Coxsom’s Three Easy Steps for Setting Goals
WWhat does it take to get your attention? Learn Ron’s guaranteed system for reaching your goals with certainty. Three Easy steps to reach your target. Identify the guidelines required to separate your life goals from good intentions. All goals have a purpose and you can guarantee the successful achievement of your personal goals with these clear and easy principles.

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Ron Coxsom’s 12 Tips for Creating Superior Customer Service

Do you know why some companies experience nominal profits and fewer customers when hard times strike? On the other hand, certain companies and individuals alike continue to excel regardless of the economy. Everyone experiences some sort of calamity from time to time, but there are those special individuals that seem to always land on their feet. Allow Ron Coxsom to give you his humorous experiences in his travel, as well as “How to Motivate Your Employees” by creating a 5 Star Mentality. If you have Customer Service in your Mission Statement this series is necessary for your growth and success.

This program gives several options for learning CD’s/ Cassettes.
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7 Steps For Employee Motivation
Did you know that 70% of employees travel to work unmotivated and that 80% of workers felt stress on the job.This 7 step motivational program will help you develop daily strategies to have a great day everyday. Discover your hidden treasures by mastering stress management techniques to enhance your life.

Learn how to create momentum. Find out how Peak Performers gain control over challenging obstacles, and how to conquer the adversity that leads to frustration. Improve your productivity with Ron Coxsom’s 7 Steps to Up-Your Motivation and start to lead your field with practical strategies . . .

Bonus: 7 Steps to UP – Your Motivation also comes with The One Un-teachable Ingredient for Peak Performance.

This program gives several learning options offered in CD’s / Cassettes/ Workbook

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The Elevator to Success is Out of Order . . . Take The Stairs, One Step at a Time! ™

Join Ron Coxsom the foremost producer in Motivational Sales Training, as he disclose what accounts for the differences in Sales Performance and why we find low, medium, and high performers industry wide. Have you ever felt stuck?  Do you find it difficult to focus and remain motivated through hard times?  This Training and Development Series offers the necessary ingredients required for performance improvement and conquering adversity. Experience the elevation of your Sales and differentiate yourself with Superior Customer Service. As you learn how to tap into your natural ability and uncover your hidden treasures – whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran you will vow to make an enduring commitment to you life, career, and most importantly your community.

You will become a better salesperson.

This program is offered in 2 separate learning formats for your convenience – CD’s / audio cassettes

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SellingwithC.A.R.E. ™

Does Sales Training really work? The answer is within this complete series of Ron Coxsom’sTraining System. Choosing the right company to assist in developing your staff is the same process that a customer goes through when they are choosing a vehicle to supple their Wants and Needs. One must ask the question – Where is the value? This inspirational series will motivate you as you learn “How to turn your customers into your partners”. Achieve quantum leaps in your sales production by ordering your copy today or sign up for an upcoming seminar coming into your area.

This program gives you several learning options offered in CD’s / Cassettes / 53 page-Workbook / Seminar

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