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Testimonies for Ron Coxsom


"After reading your article posted on Monster I just had to express how informative and helpful it was . . .
You are giving people great examples of real world deliverables and how to overcome objections, and how to be customer service oriented. Thanks for your wise words and keep up the good work." 
Best Regards, Rachel Lyager

“Your knowledge, motivation, and compassion have enabled us to move to the next level, improve employee morale, and most of all increase sales.”
–Dave Stumbo VP/GM
Gary Force Toyota

“Based on the results I am well pleased. You are truly a man of your word.”
–Reb Croft GM
Farris Motor Company
Jefferson City, TN

“I attended two of your talks yesterday, perhaps you won’t consider this a compliment, but you are like the Tony Robbins for regular folks. I thought your talk was magnificent with your energy, your “been there” stories, and the way that you describe and then openly share is an excellent blend – I was very charged by your Goal setting talk.” -Barbara Uttley, Manager
Western Union

“I have had the habit of setting goals and not carrying them through to fulfillment. You however, have motivated me to not only stick to my goals but to not allow anyone to keep me from reaching them.
-Mark Goben, Sales Consultant
W. Virginia

“We commend you for your efforts in helping all types of organizations, and especially public schools, to strive for excellence, and for helping us to realize that the power to change and to succeed already lies in us. Thank you again.”
-Brenda Elliott, Principle
Nashville, TN

“Your 6 weeks working with us was a blessing and your training expertise was unsurpassed in the 17 years I’ve been in the sales training business. Never before have have I had the opportunity to work with an individual who brought to the table all the skills and professionalism that are critical factors with working with a high level and caliber of clientele as we do.”
-Charles Whitnel, President
Nashville, TN

“You are indeed a gifted individual in your knowledge of both your industry and also of the methods successful people use in marketing. You are a good speaker and present material in a logical, orderly fashion.”
-Mark Schindler, Sales Consultant
Nashville, TN

“You gave a very informative and informational class. I feel I have learned a lot from you. I have never sat in a class for three days without being bored until now. Thanks Ron I really and truly enjoyed your class.”
- Larry Rillinger, Sales Consultant
Osage, KS

“I was very impressed of how you stayed on track with what you were discussing. I feel very confident that our new salespeople and veteran sales will get a lot out of this training session. I was impressed with every aspect of your training.”
- Bill Lisper GSM

“Ron, thanks I appreciate your true concern for other people’s success. I have been in other classes before, and this time I can honestly say that I have actually learned something, which means I can now apply it.”
-Dale Schultz, Sales Consultant
Ft. Smith, Ark

“Ron, first of all I want to say thank you for being there at the right time! Over the years, you have taught me a great deal and I am thankful for that. I have been in the Automobile Business for ten years now and I know you never stop learning or growing.”
-Marty Paoletta, Internet Sales – Sales Consultant
Nashville, TN

“I want to thank God for you and your presence at our last meeting on March 10, 2001 you spoke to our hearts about commitment, passion, power, excellence, and accountability. Thank you for your inspiration.”
-George Mensah, Minister
Washington, DC

“Your enthusiasm and wit were warmly received and provided the catalyst that was needed to launch us into another school year with a greater hope for making a positive difference in the lives of the young people that we teach. In the week following your presentation, many faculty members commented about how empowered and renewed they felt.”
-Brenda Elliott, Principle
Nashville, TN

“I’d just like to let you know how much my salesmen and I enjoyed our 2 days with you. We learned several things that will help us be successful in the future.”
-Alyssa Robbins, Sales Manager
Little Rock, Ark

“Ron is an outstanding speaker. I have learned a lot. 186 miles away “well worth” the ride.”
Somewhere in AK

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