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Knowledge creates power and is a necessary ingredient for success but, until it is applied, the concept of knowledge rest within leaving one . . . powerless.                                                                                                               - Ron Coxsom

Sales Training and Development: Performance Improvement

The constant mission of increasing sales and employee motivation is the goal of Ron Coxsom's Training System. Incorporated are in depth ingredients for performance improvement and customer retention. No nonsense 12-point strategies designed to elevate your business and strengthen your sales skills.  Discover why some companies continue to just maintain instead of igniting their potential.  Learn the real secrets of peak performers.
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Employee Motivation: Communication Motivation Elevation

Ron shares how to motivate employees and create a workforce that remains committed, focused with improved production and customer satisfaction.  His research and first-hand experience offers strategies based on ethical selling for performance improvement, human behavior, personal growth and stirring individual performance.  This program proves how to recognize and avoid the symptoms that cripples most individuals and companies from success and happiness. 
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Customer Service:  The Upstream Theory

A systematic process designed to Turn Customers into Partners, based on ethical selling principles. This program covers effective ways to provide a Five Star service on a One-Star budget to previous, present, and future customers. Learn how to adapt and capitalize on basic communication skills and increase customer loyalty. This program guarantees  to increase employee loyalty and provide practical techniques to create a superior experience for the current and new customers.  Our selling system – Selling with C.A.R.E. ™ Commitment • Accountability • Responsibility • Effort™, shows how to build your business and your work force and create a double-bottom line.
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Personal Development for Professional Application:

Skills taught in PDC (personal development center) are designed to enable people to think with no boundaries, reinvent one’s life, over come obstacles, and pursue those inner dreams and aspirations. The on going course equips you with the necessary ingredients required for you to fulfill your passion and purpose. Ron also covers how the program can be applied to your work, family, and community. Discover how to sustain a constant pursuit by never allowing the newness to wear off.
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These programs are presented in the form of a keynote speech, in-house development, breakout sessions, or convention appearance. Numerous subtopics are included in each program and personalized to the needs of your organization. Click on the link following the program description for suggested subtopics or see below.

Sales Training and Development

  • Building and Establishing Rapport
  • Ethical Sales Principles - The fuel that ignites Customer Satisfaction and repeat sales.
  • Peak Performance - Learn to uncover your "hidden treasures"
  • The One Un-teachable and Un-coach able Ingredient for Performance Improvement.  Techniques to get you moving with no-effort.
  • Developing a 5 Star Business
  • Preparing yourself for the Sales Process
  • How to handle Rejection and Objections
  • Making a positive presentation
  • Phone Techniques
  • Sales Skills
  • You, Inc.
  • Branding for Market Share
  • Recruit. Retain. Reward. Reinforce - Creating a team of talent and professionalism.
  • Success leaves clues, and fortunately so does failure
  • The elevator to Success is out of order.
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Why did your customer purchase for you?
  • Never allow the newness to wear off
  • Building value rather discounting price
  • Developing a internet presence
  • Are you open or close
  • Attitude. Attitude. Attitude
  • Mastering Word Tracks
  • Negotiation and Closing Skills
  • Never judge a book by its cover, unless you are the book.
  • Product Knowledge
  • Networking and Presentation Skills
  • Mission Statement

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Employee Motivation

  • The Three T's of Motivation
  • Creating a Workforce filled with excitement
  • How to develop a Five Star Team with a limited budget.
  • Motivating employees -- Independence vs. Interdependence
  • Balancing behavior styles - know your personality
  • Motivation staff for 5 star performance
  • Coaching for Professional Excellence
  • Vision Vs. Imagination
  • Recruit. Retain. Reward. Reinforce
  • Commitment. Passion. Purpose
  • The C.A.R.E. Theory -- How to avoid the common barriers and excel within your profession.
  • The clues of Success
  • Encourage an exciting transformation
  • Professional Excellence
  • The difference between training and development
  • You Inc.
  • Branding for growth and development
  • How to Create and run a  Marathon Business
  • Getting others to seek their Pinnacle of Performance
  • Productive Sales Meeting
  • The Power of H.O.P.E.
  • Team Development
  • Success of Follow Through
  • Time Management
  • Lower the walls within your business
  • Personal Development
  • Goal and Mission setting
  • The driving force behind motivation

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Customer Service

  • Handling Customers
  • Nurturing Customers
  • Building a Rapport with customer
  • Establishing a Rapport with Orphan owners
  • Communicating with Customers
  • Picking up the paper when no one is looking
  • Never judge a book by it's cover, unless you are the book
  • Creating a 5 star mentality
  • Does Follow up really work
  • Effective words for soothing the customer
  • Just listen to me, please
  • Hold Please
  • Who did you say you spoke with
  • Branding you mission
  • Word of mouth advertising
  • How to turn a complaint into a testimony
  • Getting your customer to work for you
  • Does casual Friday really work
  • Tearing the Walls down between departments
  • Developing a data base
  • Knowing your customer
  • Why did you customer really purchase from you
  • Understanding Customer - Partner Development
  • Track you customer
  • Effective Service

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Personal Development

  • How to have a good day everyday
  • Positive Affirmations - Commit Yourself
  • How to Uncover your Hidden Treasures
  • The power of H.O.P.E.
  • The principle of C.A.R.E.
  • Getting unstuck
  • How to remain focused
  • How to overcome obstacles
  • Dealing with Opposition
  • How to reinvent your goals and aspirations
  • Getting what you want
  • How to never allow the newness to wear off
  • Think like a child when dreaming, but act like a adult --
  • Never allow your past to manipulate your future
  • Turning weaknesses into strengths
  • Building Bridges and creating Resources
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • You, Inc.
  • C.P.P. -Commitment. Passion. Purpose
  • An eagles eye – Identify, Confront, and Conquer
  • Stop. Think. Act
  • Learning to really listen
  • Image Building
  • Controlling disappointments
  • Application - Desperation
  • The Lion, the scarecrow and the tiger
  • Greener pastures
  • Visualization of the next level
  • Belief and Vision
  • Positive Conditioning
  • If the shoe fits . . . change shoes

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