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Automotive Sales Career

How to Sell a Car


By Ron Coxsom


RonCoxsom Training Systems




If you are seeking a high paying, intellectually stimulating, yet challenging opportunity with heath benefits, retirement, and an occupation where your advancement depends upon your performance -- oh yea, and the possibility of sporting a new vehicle, then Auto Sales could be your destiny. 


Earn $30,000 – $75,000, is the headlines that occupies the ad of most Auto Dealers. and says, "most jobs in automobile dealers offer above-average earnings, but require only 2 years of postsecondary training or less." The Labor Department also cites that those within the Auto Industry produce Earnings of $10.00 - $40.00 more than other Industries. And, in some cases you could earn $300.00  more per week, than the average paying Sales Position.


As you know, nothing is easy when it comes to earning an above average income.  Therefore, you may ask yourself . . .what does it take to earn that type of income?  Eric Carr, General Sales Manager for Gary Force Toyota,, located in Bowling Green, KY, says, “you must look at Auto Sales as a career and not just a job.”


Use the following to ensure your success in Auto Sales.


Know your Personality.


Acknowledge your behavior, before attempting to earn the right to sell a customer their second largest wish list item.  Most dealers use personality test for hiring and training sales people, such as DISC--Dimension of Behavior, published by Inscape or PIAV--Personal Interest Attitude Value, by Target Training International.
The PIAV is a Coaching and Training tool, known to some, as the "talk of the town."  Ken Bratz, Owner of Leadership Resources and Consulting in
Palestine, TX says, “a sales person must understand what drives their best efforts and using the PIAV as a resource, enables the salesperson to achieve the best results.”  Bratz further adds, “top performers have a Utilitarian trait, which is a value that separates the good from the great.”



Pick the Dealership and the Manufacture.


Although dealers are skeptical about hiring inexperience sales people, you remain a tangible asset. Nevertheless, they expect you to perform. Despite your inexperience you are not considered a liability.  Dealers petition for a person with positive attributes, rather than negative sales traits and habits.  They desire individuals they can develop and groom for success, i.e. sales achievement, handling objections, coaching you in building your business and provide an experience that remains superior to the customer.  Your biggest asset as an inexperienced sales person is to become and remain teachable.  Dealers are seeking individuals that compliment their staff.  However, you should do the same.  Seek a dealership and manufacture that fits your personality, one that you can represent with professionalism and honesty. While interviewing you should ask about their training and development.  How often do they train their staff?  You should interview them, as they interview you.  Once, I suggested to a new recruit, “ask the Sales Manager, if they would allow you to sit in on a Sales meeting before making a decision.”  This will enable you to obtain a picture of what to expect.




Believe in your Product.


Customers make decisions based on emotions, trust and comfort zone and, top performers know how to professionally communicate with their client.  If you do not believe in what you are selling, rarely will you experience unseasonable business.  You should master the art of selling by learning your product knowledge. According to a survey by Gallup report, “19% of customers lost interest in a particular model because the sales person was not knowledgably and courtesy.”  I suggest taking a brochure home every night.  Read it from cover to cover; notice how the words stimulate feelings of excitement and positive energy.  Mimic and learn how to incorporate that information to your individual style and personality.  From this effort, you will impress your boss and most important, your customer. Include this knowledge into you presentation but remember to sell the information, instead of telling it.  People believe what is in print, which is the reason they ask for a brochure. 


Here is an important fact, the very first sell that you make will be to yourself -- you are the product.


Market yourself.


You must invest in yourself, as you learn your trade, leap into the heights of the few by developing and marketing your uniqueness.  Although, linked to your income rest the results of your production, you could develop a solo-sales mentality.  Remain loyal to your team; those with a team mentality receive long-term rewards.  Mike Sadler, Pre-Owned Sales Manager for Beaman Toyota in Nashville, TN, agrees, “Before venturing off in our game, a person has to be very discipline, self-motivated, team oriented, driven by self achievement and have an ownership mentality.”



Breaking into Auto Sales

By Ron Coxsom


P.S. Solutions for Creating a Superior Customer Experience.


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