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Start it Right: How to Recruit and Hire talent for Peak Performance


Building a team involves creating a structure that helps employees maximize their resources.  In other words, you need to create a team in a way that empowers team members to contribute most effectively. By doing so, you stimulate individual achievement which contributes to the overall production of the team.  When forming a new team, or rejuvenating an existing one, Ron suggest taking the following steps to create a team structure that empowers its members.



  • Start it right: Know what type of person you are seeking – do not deviate.
  • Set the course for empowerment: Make certain you are prepared to train and develop your new recruit.
  • Getting clear -- Goals and expectations: 7 keys to high – performance.
  • Assessments for training, coaching, and one-one development: choosing the right candidate is essential for building a successful team.  Assessing your staff is a proven guide and it provides the Manager with tools for motivating sale people for the right results.
  • Maintaining Team Performance: Implement “The Three T’s for High-Achievement, (Target, Track and Terminate). Each quarter the salesperson knows where they stand in terms of accomplishing their goal and unseasoned business.
  • Change your Hiring Habits: most dealers hire when desperate for candidate, i.e. vacation, a surge in business.  When you monitor and implement these techniques, you and your staff are always looking for the right candidate.  There is no such thing as crowding the floor (ask us about our case study).
  • Learn the best place to shop for a candidate: Our research has proven how, when and where to solicit a candidate with the proper sales attributes.  You will learn the best place to look when seeking a candidate that is seeking a career, similar to old saying in the car business, “The best time to sell a car is, when you have a customer that is willing, able and ready to purchase.”  We will share this no-cost method of attracking career minded individuals into your company.


  • We guarantee a candidate that will fit within your organization and contribute productively.  In fact, our program has a 45–day guarantee that confirms our pledge to your complete satisfaction. Call today 866.269.7661

Creating Solutions for a Superior Customer Experience


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