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Text Box: "Excellent information. 
New "fresh" ideas.  Deviated from  old philosophies."  Julius Anderson, Saturn Sales Consultant

Text Box: "Based on the results, I am well pleased.  You are truly a man of your word." 
- Reb Croft GM





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Text Box: "Your knowledge, motivation, and compassion have enable us to move to the next level, improve employee morale, and most of all increase “sales.”  
                             -Dave Stumbo VP/GM, Gary Force-Acura
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We understand the challenge in motivating employees, sales performance, recruiting sales people, retaining customers and the obstacles that confront auto sales, auto sales managers and auto dealers. Ron Coxsom Training Systems can help you maximize your efforts, retain and motivate your sales staff, increase sales performance and customer satisfaction. We have developed an effective program for the automotive industry.

Does Sales Training Really Work?  Of course it does, here are a few tips:
  • Choose the right company - start it right
  • Consider auto sales as a career not a job.
  • Make certain you train and develop your staff personally and professionally.
  • Describe the attributes of the employee you desire.
  • Give each employee the opportunity to excel.  How many years did it take your number one sales person to reach their level?
  • Know what motivates human behavior independently and interdependently.
  • Commit to reinforcing for retention and application.
  • Call RCTS (Ron Coxsom Training Systems) 818.843.7700.  RCTS is the company to assist you in training and developing your sales and management team.  Being in the automobile business for more than 20 years, Ron Coxsom, has experienced first-hand essential ingredients for performance improvement (top 12% nationwide), human behavior and conquering adversity.  Today he encourages selling and serving the customer with professional excellence.

      We also provide:

  • free articles
  • tips and techniques for sales skills, auto sales and auto sales management
  • new places and methods for recruiting career oriented sales people
  • four basic methods that motivate employees
  • training for creating and retaining your customers for repeat business

                                   Ask us about free sales meetings!

So why should you choose RCTS as an automotive business consultant, sales training, recruiting or in-house sales training and development?  During an interview Ron gave this answer, “There are no secrets for success, but there are clues for success.” Our training program “SellingwithC.A.R.E.™” provides solutions for performance improvement, employee motivation and solutions for creating a superior experience for the customer.  Whether you want to motivate your employees, improve sales and management production or methods for retaining your customers, our training system will guarantee results and create a double-bottom line for your company.  You will learn:

  •  New trends - understanding your customer's buying habits

  • Ethical Selling Principles

  • Strategies to recruit and retain a talented sales force

  • The Three T's for performance improvement

  • How to motivate your sales force

  • Sales and employee training - training for profit

  • Over come objections

  • Why your customer is leaving your dealership

  • Follow up techniques

  • Sales Skills

  • Phone training

  • The art of negotiation

  • The art of selling a car - learn the real secrets for unseasonable business

  • Just to name to few













Recruiting, retaining, and developing Sales People for the best results:

1. Recruiting, ad placement, interviewing, screening, testing and hiring      recommendations. Job descriptions and expectations. Effective tools for success. Dealership history, pay plans, auto sales and management training, etc.

2. An advertisement with proven results that will attract a qualified candidate.

3. Set up of when and where to interview for the best results.

4. We will screen applicants (assessment) to make sure they are the best. Proven  questions and behavior assessments for the best candidate thus, eliminating the applicants that is not teachable.

5. We will meet with you and your team to get a feel for your atmosphere and the purpose of your mission statement.

6. The best Selling System that trains, develops and inspires one to take responsibility and apply a higher lever of commitment. Emphasizing ethical selling principles, productivity, preparation, and excelling everyday with the purpose of self improvement.

  • How to remain focus.

  • How to balance - personally and professionally.

  • Selling and serving the customer with C.A.R.E. (commitment, accountability, responsibility and effort)

  • Professionalism, goal setting and high-achievement, time-management, prospecting and networking, the road to the sale, follow up and much, much more.

  • We role play throughout the process.

  • All candidates interact for the best results.

7. RCTS (Ron Coxsom Training Sys.) will continuously monitor candidates for success instead of training them and forgetting their names. We stay involved because we expect an exciting transformation.

Testimonies from Candidates:

"I am very pleased that I went through your training session. Keep up the great job. Very enjoyable entertaining and professional"

Brian Florella

 "I’ve been a sales Professional for two years. My first year in the business I was second highest in sales, and for the year of 2000 Sales Leader of the Year! Thank you Ron"

Kenny Landrum

Ron, your professionalism and positive attitude are infectious. The knowledge you have shared is invaluable, the technique’s priceless. I am confident that whoever uses them will know a level of success that will be self satisfying. Thanks Ron"

Brian Wilkerson

  "I originally didn’t realize what your relationship with the dealership would mean, but now realize the importance of a consistent monthly training program. I’ve learned the importance of investing in my sales force, in order to achieve the results I need. This is what you’ve done for me."

Dave Stumbo

"This class has been extremely knowledgeable and I feel your guidance through this class has been very helpful."

Michael Melton

  "There are a lot of thins that I had done in the sales process which weren’t really working; your techniques will help me improve on that. I believe that you have given me the tools to succeed in this business. Thank you."

Sukhprit Kaur

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Solutions for creating a superior customer experience
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